Missing Family found because of Spam email
By David Arland Kerr Burke

Unless you have been totally out of touch the last few years, you know the word spam is no longer just associated with a meat product, (by the way I like the Smoked Turkey Spam), but is now the bane of many a persons email in box.  I personally receive on a daily basis in the thousands of email messages. Out of that; less than 100 are worthy of reading.

I was checking my email when I noticed a spam, “find anyone, anywhere, for $9.95” I guess I was in a mood, so on a whim or maybe inspiration, I decided to check it out, it looked like it was legitimate from the same folks whom run one of the largest genealogical sites (MyFamilyPeopleFinder@MyFamilyInc.com) so I gave them my credit card info, and entered my dad’s name.  I was sent an email with a list of Kerr’s’ from North Carolina, (phone address etc.) associated with the name, “Weldon Barbee Kerr” so I mustarded up my courage and called. A lady answered "hello", (simple enough you would think) I paused and then said, “ is this the Kerr residence” she responded "yes", (OK; now what?) went through my mind, I had not planned on it working, I figured it was a shot in the dark, turned out to be a once in 39 year event.  She asked, “who is this” I broke my silence which was actually shock and responded with, (yes I really said this);uh David” to which she said in a cheerful voice “Oh you must want your daddy” at which point I said to myself, “damn; now what” the next thing I knew my dad was on the phone, trying to explain why he had not found me or contacted me in over 39 years, to tell the truth at that point I was so stunned I don’t really remember much about the two hours we spent on the phone that day, daddy did 90% of the talking.

Afterwards I called Martha who was working the early voting polls. She could tell I was still stunned almost speechless.  It took a week to get over the shock of now after 39 years as an orphan, having a dad, (it sounds like he wants to be a father to me). I have lived a full life for 50 years, so one thing I learned long ago is to let go and forgive, that does not make it easy, nor do I always do so right away, but eventually I get my act together. So now because of spam email, I have been reunited with my dad and two brothers whom I have never met.

Well to make a long story longer, we talked the next week for two more hours, this time I played forty questions, I asked about my two new brothers, (Coy and Albert) a third brother who has passed away, about daddy’s side of the family, turns out I have an aunt Virginia, (aka Big mama), I did not remember.  We talked about where he lives what he does; he is in good health, he has a nice mountain home in North Carolina, a town called Topton the biggest city next to it has approximately 500 people. He has several fresh water springs on his place and a mountain directly behind his house?

He is very anxious to see both Martha and myself, Martha is excited, friends of mine are excited, even the CAUG board that prompted me to write this rather personal article for the CAUG news magazine, are excited. As for myself, I am still in a state of disbelief.

We are now in the process of trying to figure out how to make it to North Carolina this summer to see my dad, and brothers, (time, etc. are issues that I will overcome somehow). Dad has already made ready, a room in his home in anticipation of my visit, not to mention rebuilding an old Harley Davidson which he promises he will have ready for me to take on a scenic ride through the Appalachians when we get there.

What more can I say, maybe all spam in not so bad after all...  It gave me an extended family, (a Father and two brothers), that I have sorely missed and wondered about for a long time.

Sincerely submitted,
The Chief Nerd