the_chief_nerdA Review of Windows XP Annoyances
by David A (Kerr) Burke

At monthly CAUG general meetings, during our question and answer session, one term is often spoken, "un-documented Windows feature" this is code for that is a Window annoyance. At times it almost seems like those folks in Redmond, (home of Microsoft) are out to drive us all crazy.

My HP ze5375 laptop came with Windows XP Pro, I had some major problems getting it to do what I wanted, (it has two network cards, but would not do networking), so knowing about O'Reilly and their extensive computer reference book offerings, I emailed Marsee, and asked if she had something that would help.

Windows XP AnnoyancesShe sent three books, the one I selected to review myself was Windows XP Annoyances, written By David A. Karp 586 pages, $29.95, you can buy it online at  I scanned through the pages and decided it fit me best. The other two are being reviewed by CAUG members, and will appear in this or other issues of Coastal Computer News.

This book is for people who have middle to advanced skills in Windows and computers in general. To me it is an easy read, it explains some of the terms, and has neat icons like a bear trap, that is used to indicate a warning of an item that could backfire on you. If you are not comfortable editing your registry, doing scripting, or often feel if you remove a program you will accidentally wipe out your hard drive, then this is not your book. If you like to tweak your system, don't mind getting into the registry to change a few settings, want to make Windows XP run as well as possible, into networking or user account security settings, this is a very handy book.

For instance

Special note

The neatest feature of Windows XP Annoyances, is the support website,  here you can ask questions about your Windows XP problems, get software, scripts, and even updates to the book.

I would recommend this book, it may add years to your life; I keep wondering how many strokes are caused on a daily basis, by Windows Annoyances. Don't let annoyances get to you, get revenge, buy a good book from O'reilly, and put annoyances in their place.

Coming next month, a review of Microsoft Office XP Professional 2002.

O'Reilly provides copies of their books for CAUG members, to review in our news magazine Coastal Computer News. Marsee is very helpful and will provide just about any title a member request. Make all book review request to me at